Output Parameters

Objective Function: Minimize Volume (and Mass)

This optimization problem has two output parameters: the volume of the quarter plate and the maximum von Mises stress. To specify the volume output parameters, first (Open) Mechanical > (Expand) Geometry > (Highlight) Surface Body. In the "Details of "Surface Body"" table expand Properties then check the box to the left of Volume. A "P" should now be located within the box.

Additionally, if mass is also a desired parameter, check the box to the left of Mass.

Constraints: Maximum von Mises stress < 32.5 ksi

Now, the maximum von Mises stress will be specified as an output parameter. To do so, (Expand) Solution > (Highlight) Equivalent Stress. In the "Details of "Equivalent Stress"" window, underneath Results, check the box to the left of Maximum. Once again a "P" should appear to the left of the box to illustrate to the user that the maximum von Mises stress has been designated as an output parameter.

At this point the Mechanical window can be closed and you should save the project.

Let's review the input and output parameters that will be used in the optimization process. In the main Project Schematic window, double click on Parameter Set.

After doing so, we can see that DS_R is the input parameter, and the volume and maximum value of the von Mises Stress are the output parameters. Now, return to the main window by clicking on the Project tab, or (in older versions) by selecting Return to Project.

Note: Make sure your parameters are using the correct units! If they are not, you will need to go back into Mechanical and change the units before unchecking and rechecking the box next to the parameters of interest. This should reset the units on the parameters in the Parameter Set window, but beware that this may cause the entire optimization process to need to be updated and repeated.