Problem Specification — Lesson 1

Created by Lara Camille Backer, last modified on Jun 30, 2014

This is a partially premixed combustion case, which has inflows that reflect both premixed (fuel inflow) and non-premixed (fuel and air mixing) conditions.

The fuel (methane, CH4) and air mixture have an equivalence ratio of 0.8, defined in the Physics Setup section. It is injected at T = 300 K with an axial velocity of 50 m/s and swirl velocity (- direction) of 30 m/s. The air inflow is at T = 650 K and is injected at 10 m/s axially, with no swirl. This case is axisymmetric, so the physical combustion chamber is assumed to be cylindrical, which can be represented as a 2D; geometry rotated about the axis of symmetry. The outflow is the pressure outlet at atmospheric pressure.