Obtaining Accurate Stress Using Surface Coating — Lesson 4

Accurate prediction of surface stresses is crucial in several engineering applications. Refining the mesh usually increases the overall accuracy of results, but it also increases computational costs. In this video, we discuss the powerful technique of using surface coating elements to obtain accurate surface stresses with little change in computational cost. This method is especially useful and cost efficient when we have a coarse mesh in the normal-to-surface direction and when the stress gradients are high.

Video Highlights

0:46 – Extrapolation of Stress to Nodes in Finite Element Analysis

1:31 – Introduction to Surface Coating

1:43 – Use Cases of Surface Coating

1:51 – Surface Coating for Post Processing Only

2:14 – Surface Coating for Modeling Real Coatings

3:46 – Adding Surface Coating in Ansys Mechanical

4:31 – Post Processing Surface Coating Results

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying geometry and archived project file used in the video lesson here. Download Ansys Student for free here.