Multi-material Inductor Design Using Ansys Maxwell

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Magnetic components are used to store and convert electric and magnetic energy and are widely used in switching power converters. One challenge associated with these components is their large size, which makes designing smaller power devices difficult. To reduce size while maintaining inductance of the magnetic component, multi-material inductor design — in which more than one material is used in the core of an inductor — is utilized. This course covers the steps of multi-material toroidal inductor design for power converters.

An inductor works best at fixed DC bias, but what if the bias is varying? What if the load increases or decreases with time? How can we find dimensions of an inductor core that can work at varying DC biases? This course will provide the answers to these questions and more. You will learn how to set up the parametric analysis in Ansys Maxwell to obtain suitable inductor core dimensions for power converters.

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