Multi-material Inductor Design Using Ansys Maxwell

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Magnetic components are used to store and convert electric and magnetic energy and are widely used in switching power converters. One challenge associated with these components is their large size, which makes designing smaller power devices difficult. To reduce size while maintaining inductance of the magnetic component, multi-material inductor design — in which more than one material is used in the core of an inductor — is utilized. This course covers the steps of multi-material toroidal inductor design for power converters.

An inductor works best at fixed DC bias, but what if the bias is varying? What if the load increases or decreases with time? How can we find dimensions of an inductor core that can work at varying DC biases? This course will provide the answers to these questions and more. You will learn how to set up the parametric analysis in Ansys Maxwell to obtain suitable inductor core dimensions for power converters.

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Maxwell is an electromagnetic tool for analyzing low-frequency phenomena and devices. It is integrated into the Electronics Desktop, together with all the other Ansys electromagnetic tools. It can also be integrated in the Workbench Platform for multiphysics analysis. Geometries can be created either directly inside Maxwell or imported from external CAD tools. Maxwell can be launched from an Ansys Workbench installation as well. This workflow is intended for when Maxwell will be using any of the variety of features in the Workbench system, such as CAD connections, design of experiments or multiphysics analysis. Quasi-static solvers in Maxwell offer an automatic meshing refinement algorithm. The transient solver allows the analysis of large movements and mechanical transients.

In this course, you will learn the basics of Ansys Q3D Signal Integrity and Quasi-static EM field simulation workflow. This course will also cover some basic equations related to capacitance and inductance and then introduce few basic matrix operations. It introduces two important capacitance matrices – Maxwell and SPICE capacitance matrices.

Ansys Maxwell is an electromagnetic simulation tool that is integrated into the Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT). Maxwell is used for analyzing low-frequency electronic devices and machines or when simulating with materials that have a nonlinear BH curve or material anisotropy.
We will create and analyze both a 3D and 2D model of an electromagnetic fail-safe brake system using a DC magnetostatic solver in Maxwell. All the necessary steps required to perform a Maxwell simulation are discussed.