Geometry — Lesson 3

Import the Geometry

Please download the .igs file for the geometry here: monocoque.IGS. To import the geometry, right-click Geometry, mouse-over Import Geometry and  select Browse.  Then, navigate to the location where you saved the monocoque.igs file and click Open. A green checkmark should now appear next to Geometry.

Build the Geometry

Double-click Geometry to bring up DesignModeler. On the top toolbar, select Units and then choose inch.

This particular geometry contains solids, surfaces and line bodies. In default setting, Ansys does not build the line bodies, but we can change that easily. Under Detail of Import1, change Line Bodies to Yes as shown below:

Now Click Generate to build the geometry.

This will make sure line bodies will be built along with the surfaces and solids.

Prepare the geometry for meshing

The following video shows how to prepare the geometry for composite analysis with Ansys.