Simulation of a Branchline Quadrature Hybrid, Part 2 — Lesson 3

In this module, the branchline quadrature hybrid model is simulated with Ansys HFSS 3D Layout by exporting the model from Ansys HFSS Circuit with a few quick and easy steps. Then the HFSS 3D Layout model will be translated to an HFSS mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) model with a single click and simulated. A connectorized version of the branchline coupler will be created using an installed HFSS 3D Component: an SMA connector. Lastly, a cascaded branchline quadrature hybrid model is created to demonstrate the ease of creating model geometry with 3D Components. Cascading couplers are a way to enhance the bandwidth of a device, which is one of the new design challenges.


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