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Microwave Passive Component Simulation Using Ansys Electronics Desktop

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In today’s era where the world is heading towards Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G+ technologies, the realization of highly efficient, compact size, and lower cost microwave passive components has become highly crucial. A passive component does not require external power for its operation. Currently, engineers are asked to design these components to meet future needs such as bandwidth enhancement, latency reduction, and data rate increment. These extended needs pose new design challenges and manufacturing constraints.

The performance of a microwave passive component depends on the impedance of the device which in turn depends on its dimensions. For planar microwave devices, impedance depends on the trace width and dielectric properties of the substrate. In this course, we will study the output effects due to variations in material properties and trace dimensions using the parametric and optimization features in Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT).

We will discuss and show how simulation will help tackle these new performance and design challenges. We will explore some interesting features of AEDT such as optimization, parametrization, 3D Components, and the wrap function while designing various microwave passive components.

There are many applications where microwave components function as couplers, filters, power dividers, attenuators, terminators, and more. In this course, we will simulate the following microwave passive components from one of the standard microwave textbooks using Ansys HFSS, Ansys HFSS Circuit, and HFSS 3D Layout design types, which are all part of the AEDT platform.

  • Branchline Coupler
  • T-junction Power Divider
  • Wilkinson Power Divider
  • Microstrip Filter
  • Single-section Coupler

Before you get started with the "Microwave Passive Components" course, you may want to watch why an electromagnetic simulation is important to visualize the electric and magnetic fields and how electromagnetic simulation helps to understand the characteristics of electronics and wireless devices and systems.

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