Material Database in Ansys Lumerical FDTD — Lesson 2

Material file import/export buttons:

Import or export materials in the form of .mdf files

Material List:

  • Write protect: Determines whether the material can be modified. To modify a write-protected material, first make a copy of that material.
    Referenced material: Whether the material is currently being used by an object in the simulation
    Name: Material name
    Mesh order: The meshing priority. See the Related Links for detailed information.
    Color: Color that the material will be rendered in the CAD viewports
    Type: The material model used to define the material
    Last modified: Time when the material was last edited
    Add/Delete/Copy buttons: add, delete, or create a copy of the selected material

Material properties:

Lists the material parameters. The available parameters depend on the type of material model. The screenshot shows the parameters for a sampled data material, which includes a table of refractive index vs frequency.

Default Materials

The material database comes with many default materials, including silicon, glass, air, gold and silver. In this video lesson, you will learn about the format of these default materials and how to use them.

Adding Material

The following video demonstrates how to add an (n,k) material and 3D sampled data material to the Material Database. To follow along,  download the associated file containing sampled material data to be imported.