Summary — Lesson 7

Analysis mode

  • After running a simulation, the simulation will be in Analysis mode and simulation results can be collected


  • Datasets group associated data into one object in which the measured data is referred to as an "attribute" and associated parameters are called "parameters."
  • Monitors return results that are packaged into datasets as well as raw data, which is un-normalized data that has not been packaged into datasets.

Plotting and exporting

  • Data can be visualized from the graphical user interface by right-clicking on the object containing data in the Objects Tree or
    right-clicking on the data in the Result View window.
  • From the graphical user interface, data can be exported in the form of images or MATLAB files, or copied and pasted to a spreadsheet or text file.
  • From the script, data from the script workspace can be saved to Lumerical data files (.ldf), MATLAB files (.mat) or text files (.txt).

Analysis groups

  • Analysis groups can be created from the Groups button in the main toolbar or added from the Object Library to perform post-processing of monitor results to obtain custom results.

Result accuracy

  • Convergence testing should be performed to verify the accuracy of simulation results.