Material Explorer

The Material Explorer lets you plot material data and the broadband material fits used in the simulation. Having a good material fit is important to ensure accurate simulation results that closely match the actual material data. In this video lesson, you will learn about the general settings in the Material Explorer related to the material fitting.


It is important that you check the material fitting in the Material Explorer before running the simulation. In this video lesson, we will show how to improve the fitting of Sampled Data by modifying fitting-related parameters.  To follow along with the video, open a new MODE simulation file from the default project and make sure you have added the Eigenmode solver to the project from the Simulation drop-down menu in the main toolbar.

In this video lesson, we start with a simple Sampled Data example that shows a poor fitting. We will demonstrate how to modify various settings in the Material Explorer to improve the fitting. Further tips on the material fitting will be provided.