Geometry Objects Using Ansys Lumerical CHARGE — Lesson 1


The CHARGE solver offers a series of primitive structures under the Structures section of the Design tab, which can be used to build the geometry of your design. For a full list of available primitive objects, please visit the related links. In addition, CHARGE offers the option of importing your desired geometric structure from a variety of CAD file formats, including GDSII, STL, and STEP. For more information, you can visit the related links.

Structures: Adds various structure primitives such as a triangle, rectangle, circle, etc. Structure Group can be used to create parameterized structures using scripting.
Import: Allows importing of geometries from a variety of CAD file formats, including GDSII, STL and STEP.
Layer builder: Can be used to import GDS files and build up a layered structure consisting of patterning defined in GDS file cells as well as plane unpatterned layers
Dataset builder: Can be used to create an unstructured dataset and then, if appropriate, use the data to build structures as shown below. It facilitates the use of finite element data imported into Lumerical's optical and electrical solvers (e.g., geometry data from a third-party process simulation tool).