Applications of Linear Elasticity — Lesson 4

Hooke's law describes an idealized material behavior but even in its simplest form it is one of the most widely used material behavior equations in engineering analysis.

Tall cranes are used for carrying heavy loads from one point to another and are commonly employed in moving very heavy equipment. Cranes are generally very strong, but it's important to know the limits of their service loads. An analysis using linear material behavior is generally good enough to know these limits.


A car is an assembly of a huge number of parts that are all connected in a different way. These connections are very important for the structural integrity of the car and knowing how stiff or loose they are is crucial to improving the safety of the occupants. A modal analysis of such a system is generally the starting step toward design analysis, and such an analysis uses linear elastic material behavior for all the parts.


In this video, we will use several application examples to enhance our understanding of constitutive models.  Let’s get rolling.

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