Elastic Behavior of Materials — Lesson 1

Understanding how different materials and material families react under different loading conditions is crucial when designing products. But this information, such as the ever-important stress-strain diagram shown below, can quickly become loaded down with lots of terminology. What is stress? What is strain?


To start our journey of exploring what is an elastic material in physics, engineering and design, we need to understand these common terms and equations. Then, we can begin to apply our knowledge in useful ways.

This course will introduce the basic terms, equations and diagrams related to the basics of material elasticity. Use the guided student note sheet here to follow along with the video.

After this lesson will be a short homework assignment utilizing some of the equations introduced here.

Alternate video link.

Ashby, M. F., Shercliff, H., & Cebon, D. (2018). Materials: engineering, science, processing and design. Butterworth-Heinemann.