Modes of Heat Transfer — Lesson 3

Have you noticed the loud noise that comes from your computer (or laptop) fan when you run a program that is computationally intensive or play a video game requiring high specs? The fan is working overtime to help cool the CPU and other electronic systems that are generating heat as they perform these intensive computations by blowing air over these components.

At the outset this looks similar to someone blowing over a hot cup of coffee to cool it down before taking a sip. While that is true, there are other active modes of heat transfer playing a key role in cooling the CPU down. In this lesson we will discuss the three modes of heat transfer and how they can be used to design effective cooling or heating solutions for complex engineering problems.


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The video lesson above is from "Beyond Viscosity" course which is a part of the "Real Viscous Flows" learning track.

Here are the handouts accompanying this lesson.