Meshing, Solving and Post-Processing Using Icepak in Ansys Electronics Desktop — Lesson 3

To analyze any simulation model, it is necessary to divide the whole geometry model into smaller parts so that specific calculations can be carried out to arrive at a solution. This process is termed meshing. Once the simulation model is meshed, you can perform a particular analysis from the available solution types to get the result. However, in some cases, specific results are required for better analysis, which can be achieved in post-processing.

This lesson consists of two lectures and one workshop.

Lecture 1

This lecture covers the theoretical aspects including the fundamentals, settings, priorities, visualization, and quality of the mesh in AEDT Icepak.

Lecture 2

This lecture covers the various solution types available in AEDT Icepak, such as temperature, flow and steady and transient solution types. It also covers post-processing formats like solution data, field overlays, field calculator and reports.


This workshop covers the simulation aspects of setting up a model in AEDT Icepak and analyzing it. The outline for this workshop is as follows:
Build electronics system-level model >> import ECAD >> generate and review the mesh >> simulate and analyze >> post-process results.

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying simulation files here.