Intro & Basic Model Building Using Icepak in Ansys Electronics Desktop — Lesson 1

Electronic devices and circuits generate heat during normal operation. Safe removal of this generated heat is a life saver as it can minimize catastrophic failures, operational issues and product life uncertainties. Thermal management plays a crucial role by effectively removing the generated heat from the system.

This lesson consists of two lectures and one workshop.

Lecture 1

This lecture covers the theoretical aspects of a heat budget — sources of heat, amount of heat generated and the heat flow path. It also discusses electronics thermal management (ETM) and various Ansys solution types for ETM. Various aspects of Icepak in AEDT are covered, such as model building, meshing, solver abilities, post-processing, optimetrics, scripting and electrothermal workflow.

Lecture 2

This lecture covers the interface of Icepak inside AEDT, model geometry creation and 3D components present in Icepak, such as fans and heatsinks.


This workshop covers the simulation aspects of setting up a model in AEDT Icepak and its analysis. The outline for this workshop is as follows:
Build a simple model >> create heat sinks and fans >> generate and review the mesh >> set up a model >> perform simulation and analysis >> post-process results.


Simulation Files

Download the accompanying simulation files here.