Getting Help with Ansys PyMAPDL — Lesson 4

This course is intended to provide a introduction to understanding and implementing PyMAPDL. In this lesson, we will provide details on the PyMAPDL documentation site and its GitHub page. This lesson helps with providing information such as where to find information on the documentation and how to get help on the questions which is an important step in developing programs by yourself.


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Ansys Student can be downloaded for free here.

Relevant Links

  • PyMAPDL Documentation  - The PyMAPDL documentation can be found
  • Additional Examples - In addition to the examples covered in the workshops, quite a few examples are available to users under the Examples section. Each example includes links to both the Python and Jupyter Lab notebook files at the bottom of the page.
  • GitHub for PyMAPDL - PyANSYS is an open-source offering hosted on GitHub. The GitHub platform is community-driven, so users can post their questions and answer others’ questions under Discussions.  Under Issues, users can request a new feature, an enhancement to an existing feature, and report any issues they might have found.
  • PyAnsys Developer's Guide - Overall guidance on contributing to a PyAnsys library appears under the Contributing topic in the PyAnsys Developer's Guide.

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