How to Navigate the Ansys Workbench UI — Lesson 1

The Ansys Workbench platform helps you create a logical schematic of various analysis systems. During this process, you can organize the analysis systems and prepare a simulation workflow by transferring or sharing the information between systems. In this lesson, we will introduce and explore the Ansys Workbench user interface. This lesson can help you learn how to navigate through Workbench’s window layout so you can become proficient at using this simulation tool.

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Video Highlights

1:13 - Purpose of the Workbench Project Schematic
6:56 - Relationship of Workbench System and Mechanical Tree Outline
8:34 - Sharing and Transferring Data between Systems

Simulation Files

Download the step-by-step instructions and accompanying geometry and archived Workbench project files here. The student version of Ansys simulation software can be downloaded here.