How to Navigate the Ansys Mechanical UI — Lesson 2

Ansys Mechanical performs a variety of simulations in structural mechanics. Its user interface is easy to follow and user-friendly, but understanding the overall layout and design philosophy is important to perform a successful simulation in Ansys Mechanical. In this lesson, we will explore how the tree outline plays an important role in the simulation workflow, along with contextual menus.

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Video Highlights

1:20 - Mechanical User Interface Layout
1:44 - Moving and docking windows panels
1:59 - Tree Outline introduction
2:14 - Ribbon overview
2:53 - Assigning materials to parts
5:08 - Mechanical mouse controls
5:59 - Ruler and Triad in Graphics window
6:30 - Connections folder for contact definition
6:52 - Generating the mesh
7:50 - Bringing up Help documentation
9:04 - Status Bar explanation
9:55 - Changing display of contour plots
10:22 - Using Quick Launch to find features

Simulation Files

Download the step-by-step instructions and accompanying geometry and archived Workbench project files here. The student version of Ansys simulation software can be downloaded here.