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Getting Started With Ansys Fluent Multi-GPU Solver

In today's world, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations play a crucial role in various engineering industries and research fields. Ansys Fluent, the world leader in CFD simulation software, offers a game-changing feature for CFD engineers seeking to significantly speed up their simulations: the Native Multi-GPU solver in Ansys Fluent. A native implementation harnesses the full potential of graphics processing units (GPUs) for CFD by running the solver code resident on multiple GPUs. With this new capability, Ansys Fluent is able to achieve remarkable reduction in simulation time, hardware costs, and power consumption compared to traditional CPU-driven solvers. In this course, through three different simulation examples, we will explore the modeling capabilities and solver features supported by the Native Multi-GPU solver in Ansys Fluent 2023 R1. The first is a steady-state simulation of conjugate heat transfer in a louvered fin heat exchanger. Next, you will witness the capability of the GPU solver in simulating a transient external airflow over a generic drone using the sliding mesh technique. Finally, we will cover a transient external aerodynamics simulation of a DrivAer car, employing the moving wall boundary condition. More physics modeling capabilities and solver features will be added in future releases.
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