In this course, we went through the thought process involved in determining how much of our assembly or system to include in the simulation.  

Let’s summarize the key points.  

Identifying Geometry and Details to Include in a Simulation  

  • Choose the right geometry and level of details to include for analysis  
  • Use appropriate boundary conditions to truncate geometries  

Analyzing Thin Structures Efficiently 

  • Discussion about thin structures and the feature of them 
  • Introduction of shell elements for modeling of thin structures 
  • Model thin structures using shell elements in Ansys Mechanical 

Analyzing Slender Structures Efficiently  

  • Introduction of beam elements and the uniqueness of beam elements  
  • Special considerations for proper usage of beam elements  
  • Results evaluation that are specific to beam elements   

Efficiently Analyzing Structures with a Constant 2D Profile 

  • The importance and necessity of 2D analyses in solving some specific types of problems 
  • Discussion of different types of 2D analysis offered in Ansys Mechanical: 2D plane stress, 2D plane strain analysis, generalized plane strain analysis, 2D axisymmetric analysis, and general axisymmetric analysis