Geometry Prep for Structural Simulation

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A Structural Simulation workflow consists of 4 major steps: Geometry Preparation, Mesh Generation, Numerical Solution, and Analysis of the Results. Geometry preparation is the stage where the raw CAD geometry is processed and transformed into a meshing-eligible geometry that can properly represent the system physics. Geometry processing includes steps like unnecessary geometrical feature removal, cleanup, domain truncation to represent the necessary region of the system to be modeled, and much more.

In this course, using the examples of mounting bracket and a LIDAR assembly, we will learn how to use Ansys Discovery to prepare a geometry for a structural simulation.

Simulation Files

Download the files here to follow the video step-by-step. Ansys Discovery Student can be downloaded for free here.

Recommended Courses

A static structural simulation determines the effect of steady (or static) loading on a structure. Stress, strain, and deformation of a structure can be studies under a range of loading conditions. This helps to identify weak areas with low strength and durability at the design stage and avoid expensive failures. In this course, you will learn how to use Ansys Discovery to perform static structural simulations.


Modal analysis in Ansys Discovery enables you to model the undamped, free vibration characteristics of a structure by determining natural frequencies and mode shapes. You can then design your structure to avoid resonant frequencies or to vibrate at a specific frequency. In this course, you will learn how to use Ansys Discovery to perform a modal analysis


With a Topology Optimization analysis, you can compute an optimal structural design for a selected region of your model with specific design goals and constraints. Topology optimization is a physics driven optimization that is based on a set of loads and boundary conditions. In this course, you will learn how to use Ansys Discovery to perform topology optimization.