Intro to Frequency Characteristics of the Half-Wave Dipole - Lesson 1

The half-wave dipole is a “narrowband” antenna, meaning that its properties and behavior vary rapidly with frequency.  This means that the characteristics discussed in the previous module are not generalizable across any significant bandwidth.  In this module we will expand our discussion of the dipole antenna to include frequencies where its length is no longer equal to a half wavelength. Specifically, this module will consider how two major properties of the dipole – input impedance and radiation pattern – vary with respect to changes in the driving frequency. This overview is part of the Ansys Innovation Course: Frequency Characteristics of the Half-Wave Dipole. To access this and all of our free, online courses — featuring additional videos, quizzes and handouts — visit Ansys Innovation Courses at This course was created for Ansys Innovation Courses by Dr. Kathryn Leigh Smith, Assistant Professor, UNC-Charlotte in partnership with Ansys.