CFD in Healthcare Industry

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In this session, we will introduce some industry-specific applications from the Healthcare industry and learn about how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used in this space. We will unlock the power of fluid simulation with the model of a Bio-Reactor. We will set-up the simulation on Ansys Fluent and use advanced postprocessing tools to analyze the results of the simulation. Finally, we will also model the flow of blood through the Circle of Willis, which is a circulatory network of blood vessels supplying blood to the brain and surrounding tissues. Engineers use fluid simulations to understand the investigate the impact of blood flow on these blood vessels to study factors leading to cerebral aneurysms.





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Bio-medical researchers have been relying on computational fluid dynamics to model and understand the physical mechanisms behind the formation and progression of hemodynamic disorders. In this SimCafe course, you will learn how to model three dimensional internal blood flow in a bifurcating artery. You will create the computational mesh and set up the boundary conditions needed for the simulation. The fundamental concepts and the steps needed to successfully model this fluid flow problem are explained using immersive step-by-step walk-through videos.