External Aerodynamics of a Concept Car


From a match-box type structure in the early 1900's to the streamlined configuration of today, the shape of the cars we use has evolved dramatically. The root cause of this evolution has been the amount of drag force generated by these cars. Bulkier looking cars of the yesteryear are very inefficient when it comes to directing the airflow around the vehicle. On the other hand, most latest cars, specifically the sedan and sports variants, are pinnacle of airflow management. For this reason, the current generation of cars give a lot more mileage for the same amount of fuel when compared with the older generations. In this simulation example, we will explore the external aerodynamics of a new generation concept car.



In this simulation example, you will learn how to setup and analyze the airflow over a concept car using Ansys Fluent. You will then learn how to visualize the airflow around the car and calculate the force distribution to obtain the drag generated by the vehicle.


Download the Mesh file needed for setting up the simulation and the associated Case and Data files here. Follow the instructions below to set up this simulation in Ansys Fluent starting with the Mesh file. In case you face any issues setting up or running the simulation, please use the corresponding initial and final Case and Data files.

Results and Discussion

Let's now analyze the simulation results and understand the external aerodynamics of a concept car.