The Strong Form of Steady-state Heat Conduction and Mass Diffusion — Lesson 1

In this lesson, we will cover the linear elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) in three dimensions with the scalar unknown that we are solving for. The problems include the strong form of steady-state heat conduction and mass diffusion.


In the video, the response has been provided for –
When going to 3D why solve the heat flow/mass diffusion problem instead of elasticity?

In this lesson, we are continuing with the strong form of steady-state heat conduction and mass diffusion problem. The heat flux vector is defined in coordinate and direct notation. Fourier's law of heat conduction is introduced. Boundary conditions such as temperature and heat influx will also be discussed.


We will continue the strong form discussion related to the mass diffusion problem and its analogy with the heat conduction problem in this lesson. Boundary conditions in the mass diffusion problem are concentration and mass influx. Strong form in direct notation will be discussed as well.

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