5. Cross Sections

Once the line bodies have been created, we need to assign cross-sections to them. There are two types: the circular tube and rectangular tube.

Circular Tube


Rectangular Tube

Apply the circular tube cross sections to the outside and conical line bodies, and the rectangular tube cross section to the horizontal line bodies.

Circular Tube Application


Rectangular Tube Application


 Rectangular Offset

If you notice, the rectangular line bodies are not touching the flexure mounts. We need to offset the cross sections 40 mm (0.04 m) toward the subsurface and flexure mounts.

For the 12 rectangular tube cross sections, select Offset Type and change it to User Defined. Due to the directionality of the lines that we input from the coordinate files, the x coordinate has been defined perpendicularly toward the flexure mounts. Thus, all we need to do is add in 0.04 to the X Offset.

As you can imagine, there are times and geometries for which this simple result will not apply. Always check the individual coordinate systems of the line bodies.