Hands-on Activities

Want to conduct your own drag experiments? Try to replicate the experiments shown in the video.

If you want something more challenging, you can also try some of the simulations shown in the video. Let's get started!

Download Software

The hands-on activities listed below require our Ansys Discovery software. You can download your student version here.


Make sure that your system (laptop/desktop) meets these requirements to successfully run Ansys Discovery:

Download the Simulation Files

Now that you have installed the software, you are ready to start on the simulations. Download the files below and follow the Read Me files to perform the simulations. Enjoy!

Flow separation on an airfoil - Download

Foam shapes - Download

Streamlining Trucks - Download

Cyclist Helmet - Download

F1 car DRS - Download


If you are looking for more advanced exercises you can find full simulation walkthrough in our Aerodynamics Discovery Day course.