Utilizing Remote Points Properly - Lesson 4

Remote points are used to simplify the behavior and kinematics of certain portions of the geometry with a single point. They help the user in defining remote boundary conditions like remote displacement and remote force along with elements like joints, springs, beam connections, point masses, moment loads, etc., which simplify the model by reducing the complexity. Hence, the focus is only on the geometrical portions of the model that are of primary interest. This lesson will discuss the proper use of remote points along with their different behaviors.

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Video Highlights

1:19 - What are remote points and where are they used?

2:12 - How is a remote point associated with the scoped geometry?

3:36 - How do the MPC equations work?

5:04 - Rigid vs. Deformable Behavior of Remote Points

12:58 - Define a Revolute Joint

14:45 - Applying Remote Force

17:18 - Discussion on need to Promote Remote Points

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying geometry and archived files here. Ansys Student can be downloaded for free here.