Connecting Parts of an Assembly Together - Lesson 1

This lesson explores two different options for defining interaction between neighboring parts in an assembly. Shared Topology or Contact definition settings solve the problem of connecting parts efficiently in Finite Element Analysis. Simulation results can be misleading or incorrect when neither of these options is used manually because the part interaction is not assumed by the program.

Alternate video link.

Video Highlights

1:40 - Connecting parts using Shared Topology in Ansys SpaceClaim

3:16 - Connecting parts using Contact Connections in Ansys Mechanical

4:40 - Choosing the right method for connecting parts

7:50 - Using the “Share” tool for Shared Topology in Ansys SpaceClaim

9:10 - Visualizing Shared Topology with “Show Connected Bodies” in Ansys SpaceClaim

13:33 - Demonstration of use of Contact Connections

17:13 - Modifying the Legend of Contour Displays using Top and Bottom Independent Bands

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying geometry and archived files here. Ansys Student can be downloaded for free here.