Transient Solvers in Ansys Maxwell — Lesson 3

In this lesson, we will discuss the topic of transient solvers and the meshing capabilities within the Maxwell program.

This lesson consists of one lecture and two workshops.

The following concepts are covered in this lecture:

  • Magneto- and electro-transient solvers
  •  Eddy effects and losses
  •  Sources, windings, and external circuit
  •  Mesh operations and linking

Workshop 3.1: 2D Magnetic Transient analysis

This workshop is a quick introduction to using rotational motion. It will exercise rotational motion in Maxwell 2D using a rotational actuator (experimental motor) example. This workshop consists of three parts:
Example1: Large rotation standstill
Example2: Large rotation at constant speed
Example3: Large rotational transient motion

Workshop 3.2: 3D Magnetic Transient Analysis

This workshop discusses basic setup details of the magnetic transient solver. The transient setup is described with two different excitation methods:

Example 1: Transient with sources

  • This example shows the setup of a transient solver with time-varying excitation applied through datasets and equations.
  • The final assigned excitation is evaluated based on the combined output of both methods.

Example 2: Transient with circuits

  • This example explains the setup of transient excitations through the external circuit method.
  • The excitation circuit is set using the Maxwell circuit editor.
  • Maxwell excitation values are calculated based on the circuit model assigned through the circuit editor.

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying simulation files here.