Post-Processing and Parameterization Using Ansys Maxwell — Lesson 4

Ansys Maxwell has very powerful and flexible data management and plotting capabilities, along with several different post-processing options: field overlays, 2D and 3D report plots, fields calculator, output variables and design summary.

This lesson consists of one lecture and two workshops.

The following concepts are covered in this lecture:

  • Maxwell post-processing
  • Reports and solution data
  • Field overlays
  • Field calculator
  • Parameterization, optimization and sensitivity

Workshop 4.1: Postprocessing

This workshop will discuss how to use the Maxwell 2D post-processor. Field plots and calculator operations will be demonstrated on an eddy current project.

Workshop 4.2: Parametric Analysis

This workshop describes the steps required to set up a parametric analysis offered through optimetrics.
A simple magnetostatic problem will be used to demonstrate the setup.

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying simulation files here.