Ansys Maxwell Basics — Lesson 1

Ansys Maxwell is a high-performance interactive software package that uses finite element analysis (FEA) to solve electric or magnetic problems.

Maxwell solves the electromagnetic field problems by solving Maxwell's equations in a finite region of space with appropriate boundary conditions and user-specified initial conditions in order to obtain a solution with guaranteed uniqueness.

An appropriate set of equations and terms are used based on the solver selected, which could be electrostatic, magnetostatic, eddy current or magnetic transient.

This lesson consists of one lecture and two workshops.

The following concepts are covered in this lecture:

  • Introduction to Ansys Maxwell
  • Modeling: geometry and import, materials, boundaries and sources
  • Parameterization
  • Adaptive meshing
  • Inductance calculation
  • Post-processing

Workshop 1.1: Magnetostatic 2D Analysis

This workshop will discuss how to set up a force calculation in the 2D magnetostatic Solver.

Workshop 1.2: Magnetostatic 3D Analysis

This workshop will discuss how to set up a torque calculation in the 3D magnetostatic Solver.

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying simulation files here.