Sources and Monitors — Lesson 3


Most of the sources in the FDTD can be used in the varFDTD, apart from the import source and port objects. You will learn how the sources in the varFDTD behave differently from their FDTD counterparts.

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The type of monitors available in the varFDTD and their behavior are mostly the same as in the FDTD, with the addition of the effective index monitor. The effective index monitor returns the 2d effective index profile of the simulation region based on the slab mode and test points.

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Sources and Monitors - Demo

The following video demonstrates the addition of a mode expansion monitor to extract the S-parameters of the ring resonator in the simulation file which was set up in the My First Simulation section of the course.

A 2D frequency domain field and power monitor is also added to return the 2D field profile at the drop port of the device at the wavelength of 1.5 um. The script used in the video to get monitor data and calculate S parameters is available here. The final simulation file that is generated can be downloaded from here.

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