Ansys Lumerical varFDTD - First Simulation

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In this course, we will demonstrate how to set up and run an Ansys Lumerical varFDTD simulation of a double bus ring resonator, collect the results and discuss how the results compare to 3D FDTD simulation results.

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In this course, we will briefly explain what Ansys Lumerical varFDTD is and how it works. We will introduce some key example devices where the varFDTD solver can be used..

In this course, we will discuss the solver region, materials, sources and monitors used in varFDTD. Most of the features are similar to those in FDTD, so we will only focus on the aspects of the features that are unique to varFDTD.

The Ansys Lumerical varFDTD solver can be used to simulate a range of planar integrated optics components. In this course, we will show several example devices and results that can be obtained from the varFDTD solver.