HPC Optimetrics Using Ansys HFSS — Lesson 7

Simulation of large designs may consume a lot of time and memory. To make it easier and time efficient, there are a few options in Ansys HFSS. This lesson teaches high-performance computing (HPC) and optimetrics in Ansys HFSS. It teaches how multiple cores of a computer or network of computers can be used for simulation of large designs.

This lesson consists of one lecture and one workshop.

This lecture covers the theoretical aspects of HPC and optimetrics. It introduces two methods of computing — the Domain Decomposition Method (DDM) and the Spectral Decomposition Method (SDM). It talks about HPC settings — Auto versus Manual Settings and more about Parametric Sweep, Tuning with Analytic Derivatives and Optimization.


This workshop covers the simulation aspects of HPC and optimetrics for a microstrip bend. The outline for this workshop is as follows:
open microstrip bend design >> add sweep for trace width >> simulate it >> modify plot to include all variations

Simulation Files

Download the necessary simulation files here.