Ansys Fluent Meshing Watertight Geometry Workflow

In this learning track you will learn how to generate meshes for CFD simulation using the Watertight Geometry workflow in Ansys Fluent. The guided workflow directs users through a step-by-step process of simple, intuitive inputs, while behind the scenes, Fluent Meshing uses built-in intelligence and automation to create a high quality CFD mesh using its sophisticated meshing technology, which includes the innovative poly-hexcore meshing algorithm, tools for high quality boundary layer mesh generation and parallel meshing. By simplifying the process of mesh generation, the Watertight Geometry workflow enables all users to complete all stages of a CFD simulation, from meshing through to post-processing, entirely within the same software session, in the same single window user environment.

Learn Simulation

Generate the Surface Mesh

Learn Simulation

Generate the Volume Mesh