Mesh Generation Using Ansys Fluent Meshing - Lesson 2

Once the geometry is prepared and the control volume is created, the next step is to create the computational mesh. Meshing is the process in which the computational domain, i.e., the control volume like the one created in the previous lesson, is divided into very small sub-volumes, as seen in the images below. Within these sub-volumes, equations of fluid dynamics are solved to obtain the behavior of a fluid as it flows around an object. The process of meshing is extremely critical and great care needs to be taken to create a mesh in order to capture the correct fluid flow behavior.


In this video, we will look into the process of mesh generation around the FSAE car. We will use the Ansys Fluent Watertight Workflow for creating the computational mesh. In addition to getting hands-on with the tool, we will cover some basic aspects of how to create good meshes and discuss the idea behind certain meshing decisions.

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