Aerodynamics of an FSAE Car

In this How-to-Series Ansys Innovation Course, we will explore the various steps involved in simulating, analyzing and understanding the aerodynamics of a Formula SAE Car. This course consists of five videos and will take you through the entire simulation lifecycle starting with CAD geometry preparation to post-processing of the simulation results. In the first video, we will start with a clean CAD model of the car and driver, build and extract the fluid domain, and create bodies of influence zones using Ansys SpaceClaim. Next, using the Ansys Fluent Meshing Watertight Workflow, we will explore the process of computational mesh generation and understand key aspects related to local sizing, boundary layer meshing and much more. In the subsequent video, we will learn how to use Ansys Fluent to set up the simulation. Here, we will look into various solver-related settings, such as assigning boundary conditions, numerical schemes, solution monitors, etc. Finally, we will use the post-processing tools built into Ansys Fluent, such as force calculations, contours, vectors, pathlines and iso-surfaces to analyze the simulation data and understand the flow field around the FSAE Car. Download the simulation files here to follow this course.
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Update – A new and improved version of this course is available at the link below. To accommodate for more realistic and higher-fidelity numerical modeling, changes have been made at the mesh level that will require an Ansys research license or higher, and the free Ansys Student product can no longer be used with the new course.

External Aerodynamic Analysis of an FSAE Car

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