Aerodynamics of a Solar Car

The aerodynamic design of the car is a key area that helps in achieving better aerodynamic performance by increasing downforce while keeping drag to a minimum. This course introduces you to the process of carrying out the external aerodynamics of a solar car to understand drag, downforce, and airflow around the car. Results obtained through simulation will be used to improve the performance of the car by marking design changes. In this course, you will learn how to bring the geometry of the car inside a virtual wind tunnel, generate mesh using Ansys Fluent meshing, calculate drag and lift, and visualize results.

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The chassis is a major part in any automotive design since it is the structural backbone of various functional systems attached to it and responsible for carrying loads of different components. Analyzing a chassis in Ansys Mechanical helps to test different configurations to make it as stiff as possible with minimum manufacturing cost. In this course, FEA analysis of a chassis (frame) is carried out by considering various loads like torsional, twisting, aerodynamic and front impact.