Final Design Challenge: Pushing the Limit - Lesson 6

We are now at the end of our Discovery Day course. We want to challenge you to apply what you've learned about lift and drag throughout the course to solve a specific problem. Using Discovery Live you will perform a simulation on a simplified model of the front wing of an F1 car. Modern F1 cars use a front wing comprising a collection of small wing elements and vanes to generate downforce to improve handling. The front wing serves the additional purpose of redirecting incoming air around the tires in order to reduce drag.

Just like in the real world, your designs will be constrained by a set of parameters. Your ultimate objective is to maximize the overall downforce on the wing while minimizing the drag. Try to find the highest ratio of downforce to drag. Analyze the results as you learned to do in the previous simulations and try to understand what can help you improve the design. Your front wing can take any shape as long as it adheres to the regulations. Creativity and ingenuity are highly encouraged. Show us what you can do!

This video will explain how to perform simple modifications to the geometry and will guide you through the rules of this challenge. See also the pdf in the challenge files for more information.

Alternate video link.

Download the Design Challenge Files

Design Challenge - Download


Now that you completed the challenge, share your design with the community and compare it with others’ geometries here!