A Four-Point Bend Test on a T-Beam

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Stepped shafts are widely used in drive trains. Mostly supported by bearings at the end, the shaft experiences bending loads, axial thrust, and torsional loads. The shaft must have greater strength to withstand these loads. In this Sim Café course, you will learn to estimate the axial stress concentration on a stepped shaft under axial tension using Ansys Structural.

Pressure vessels are used in transportation for storage of gases and liquids. Many gases are stored at very high pressure in the liquid form. The pressure vessels are designed mainly to have high strength in both the circumferential (hoop strength) and axial directions. In this SimCafe Course, we will learn to estimate the hoop, axial, and radial stresses in pressure vessels using Ansys Structural.

The design of the telescope truss should be able to sustain dynamic loads and must be flexible enough to provide support for different motions. In this SimCafe course, you will learn end-to-end workflow for importing a realistic geometry and understand the importance of FEA simulations when designing the telescope truss. You will create the computational mesh and set up the boundary conditions needed for the simulation. The fundamental concepts and the steps needed to successfully model this structural problem are explained using step-by-step instructions.